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Group structure

With an organizational structure that cuts through the complexity of the businesses we manage, we are optimally organized for both today and tomorrow as we continue implementing our strategy for sustainable, profitable growth. Our structure seamlessly leverages the vast resources of knowledge and market power within our organization for the benefit of all stakeholders.

DKSH’s overall strategy and direction is guided by an international Board of Directors. Executive management responsibility for the Group and the implementation of our strategic goals across our markets and Business Units is then ensured by the Senior Executive Team. The Senior Executive Team is led by the CEO and made up of two tiers: the Executive Board and Group Management.

Our business activities are managed through four highly specialized Business Units. Country organizations implement Business Unit strategies and enable region-wide coverage, while our Corporate Center provides cost-effective services and a Group-wide infrastructure.

Spanning Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, our comprehensive sourcing and distribution network serves hundreds of thousands of business partners every day.

DKSH Group structure