Savory products

Gourmet Fine Foods DKSH is endeavors to source high quality ingredients not only in the pastry sector, but also in the savory portfolio. We have carefully selected a variety of premium frozen products, from sustainable seafood, puff pastry, vegetables, ready meals to foie gas and Iberico pork.

Our brands:

  • Aljomar - 100% free range Ibenico pork from Spain
  • Davigel - Assorted frozen produce from France
  • Masse – Premium foie gas from France

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Couverture & Chocolate

Carrying some of the most renowned brands in the chocolate world, we provide a comprehensive range of couverture, aiming to cater every quality needs of yours. From economy range, Single Origin, Single Plantations, to innovative product lines like the “Purity of Nature” range which feature the powerfulness of cacao, we have them all ready for you.

Our brands:

  • Cacao Barry – Diversity of flavours and origins from France
  • Carma – Brings you the goodness from Switzerland
  • Epur – Couverture from Vietnam
  • Lindt – Renowned couverture from Switzerland

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Dairy, eggs & fruit puree

Dairy, eggs and fruits plays a very important role in the pastry field. Our premium brands select the best raw materials, offering exceptional products with unrivaled performance and incarnating the French gastronomy’s wealth.

Our brands:

  • Cocotine – Full ranges of frozen eggs from France
  • Elle & Vire – Exceptional dairy products from the heart of Normandy
  • La Fruitière – Quality frozen fruit purees from France
  • Lescure - AOP butters from France

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Jam & preserves

We try making life more fruitful by bringing you delicious fruit spreads and smiles. From the honey, peanut butter to preserves, we've got a flavor for just about everyone.

Our brands:

  • Smucker’s – A classic brand from the US

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Our decoration range comprises the finest chocolate decorations, detailed sugar figurines, dragees, gold leaves. We also offer high-quality products for every occasion and festive season. Just to make your creations even more unforgettable.

  • Barbara Luijckx - Trendy and elegant chocolate decorations from Poland
  • Bussy - High quality waffle decorations from Italy
  • Schko-Dragee - Colourful dragees from Germany
  • Gunthart - Fine cake decorations from Germany
  • Tsukioka - Gold leaves from Japan
Professional items

For many years, our professional team has sourced a wide range of professional items catered for your daily life needs. We offer professional bakery items, including yeast, chestnut puree, flavoring, fruit filling and crushes, colorings, gift bags, and many more.

Our brands:

  • Bruggeman – Specialist in providing instant yeast from Belgium
  • Crú – Best chestnut purée from the heart of Europe
  • Narizuka – Flavouring and essence from Japan
  • Osterberg - Fruit filling and crushes from Vietnam
  • Rhythm – High quality food-grade gift bags from France
  • Vivy – Food colorings from Italy
  • Other pastry items


Our range of beverage includes some of the top brands in the world, providing you the noblest beverage experience, with tea, juices or coffee.

Our brand:

  • BOH – Well established teas from Malaysia
  • Granini – Natural juices from Austria
  • Hermesetas  - Natural sweeteners from Switzerland
  • Sirocco – 100% Arabica coffee from Switzerland
  • T2 – World renowned teas from Australia