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Agricultural Equipment caters to the needs of the agricultural community, helping our customers increase productivity, quality and crop yield. We provide advice and consulting with regards to the mechanization of agricultural operations. Mechanization road maps are built in partnership with customers, are based on the crop type, and consider factors such as cost management sustainability, technology and crop yield targets.

Our portfolio of product and service solutions, including soil preparation, soil care, planting, harvesting, precision farming and color sorting, span the entire modern agriculture value chain. Best-in-class tractors, harvesters, implements and precision farming technologies available on the market are complemented by our flexible service capabilities. From simple warranty services to tailored technical training and preventive maintenance packages, our indepth knowledge of the industry, agronomy and technology enables us to customize our solutions to suit our customers’ requirements.

Our products

Our harvesters and combine-harvesters include the entire range of New Holland and Case IH harvesters which serve for many crops including rice, corn/ maize, beans, forage, sugarcane, coffee, etc.

We also offer a wide range of New Holland hay tools, such as (conditioning) mowers, tedders/ rakes, crop choppers, balers, bale handler, telehandler etc.

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Sugarcane harvester A4000
Sugarcane harvester A8000
Forage harvester

Our tractor solutions include the entire range of New Holland tractor sizes and features from the very small models (35HP) to the very large ones (600HP).  Those tractors are suitable for the widest range of applications ranging from cultivation, planting, crop protection, transportation to harvesting in combination with precision farming e.g: DGPS auto guidance.

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New Holland
Tractor TT45-4WD
Tractor TT55-2WD
Tractor TT55-4WD
Tractor TT75-4WD
Tractor TT4.75-4WD
Tractor TD 90-4WD
Tractor TD 95-4WD
Tractor TD5.110-4WD

Our implements solutions include the most comprehensive range of agricultural implements from various world leaders in this field. The applications covered range from forage harvesting, tillage&cultivation, seeding & planting, landscaping, crop care (e.g. fertilization), effluent management. These products can be flexibly combined to generate full solutions for your crop type, be it paddy field rice cultivation, sugarcane, corn/ maize production, livestock & dairy or biomass production. The wide range of Maschio - Gaspardo implements can fit all type of tractors.

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Tillage & cultivation/Subsoiler
Tillage & cultivation/power harrow 
Tillage & cultivation/Rotary tiller
Seeding & Planting/ SP corn, soybean and sunflower planter 
Seeding & Planting/ MT corn, soybean and sunflower planter 
Seeding & Planting/ Nina 250 cereal- colza planter 
Landscaping/Barbi Mulcher Model
Landscaping/Chiara Mulcher Model
Landscaping/Land leveller Model
Crop care/ Row crop HL model
Crop care/ Sprayer model

Our versatile range of rice drying solutions cater to rice processing plants. Ranked best in class in terms of efficiency, energy-saving and homogeneous drying, these machines will assure optimal total cost of ownership.

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Crop care/ Sprayer model

Quality requirements – especially for export – increase day by day. For your agricultural products to meet them, our color sorting solutions are the right choice. These solutions automatically sort your products with high precision camera detection and high-pressure air valve technology. The applications range from common rice, special rice, coffee and cashew nuts only to name a few. Our solutions are of the highest available technology from Japan and Korea and provide the highest levels of sorting efficiency, sorting precision, durability and cost of ownership.

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DAESUNG Color Sorter

Our storage solutions for various grain crops feature standalone outdoor silo products which allow for long-term trouble-free storage of your grain. These solution are designed to allow for optimal conditioning of the product (temperature, moisture) while minimizing investment (outdoor solution means no special building required).

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Our services at a glance

We offer tailored services that create new opportunities for clients and customers including:

Consult with us about expanding your technology business in Asia
When our consultants and market researchers at DKSH Technology advise a business partner on new markets to enter and how to do so, we leverage our local expertise and market knowledge to ensure success. We devise market entry strategies as well as sustainable, longterm strategies for existing businesses based on customer requirements.
  • Market analysis
  • Market entry strategy
  • Business strategy
We make your brand well-known in our markets
Using a state-of-the-art customer relationship management system, we ensure better penetration of existing products and services as well as successful new product launches. Our structured and systematic market development ensures that we build brands and increase market share in Asia today and in the long term. 
  • Systematic market penetration
  • Target selected market segments
  • Channel management
  • Machine and equipment demonstration
  • Financing and rental solutions
  • Event management
  • Media management
  • Public relations
We take care of the whole supply chain
Products are transported, stored and distributed efficiently and professionally thanks our extensive capacities and expertise.  In addition, we offer many integrated supply chain related services.
  • Import management
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics
  • Distribution 
  • Warehousing
  • Product registration
We offer the most competitive customized solutions
Our application engineers ensure that during presales and on-site process optimization, customized solutions are being designed and implemented for our customers. From initial drawings to the final products, we focus on providing the most competitive solutions. Our application enginners are supported with more than 25 showrooms and laboratories for demonstrations and trials.
  • Time and feasibility studies
  • Sampling
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Start-up support
  • Application training and support
  • Process optimization
We are at your service throughout the entire lifespan of your products
With the technical knowledge of our field service engineers, hotlines for quick responses, fast diagnoses and optimized spare parts availability, we offer best-in-class after sales services and provide quick and reliable support for our customers.
  • Installation, configuration and commissioning
  • Warranty services
  • Repairs and maintenance service programs
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Operator training