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  • GRI report 2018

    DKSH publishes second report on sustainability

    "As a leading Market Expansion Services provider, our business is built on integrity, trust and reliability. We are pleased to share the latest update on our sustainability performance. Achievements such as initiatives to reduce energy consumption and the implementation of ISO certification on IT security management underline our commitment to continually stepping up our sustainability efforts in the years to come", commented DKSH CEO, Stefan Butz. You can read the report by clicking on the link below.

    GRI Report 2018

  • DKSH contributes to reducing Hong Kong’s food waste

    DKSH contributes to reducing Hong Kong’s food waste

    DKSH Hong Kong once again partnered with Food Angel to support their mission to provide people in need with healthy and nutritious meals consisting of quality food, which would otherwise be wasted. The Food Angel organization provided volunteers from DKSH with the surplus food, which they collected from different sectors of the food industry. This food would usually be disposed of as waste, even if it was still good to eat. The DKSH Hong Kong team then prepared nutritious meals in the Food Angel kitchen, before distributing it to the underprivileged. This volunteering initiative was an efficient way of not only reducing food waste, but also giving back to people in need in the local community.

  • Supporting disabled people in Thailand

    Supporting disabled people in Thailand

    DKSH Thailand, together with Thai Holistic Health Foundation and Thai Health Promotion Foundation, are supporting an initiative to encourage the employment of blind masseuses in Thailand. The aim is to encourage and enhance training for blind masseuses and support their careers in the long-term.

    Learn more in this video (in Thai)

  • DKSH achieves EcoVadis silver rating for Sustainability

    DKSH achieves EcoVadis silver rating for Sustainability

    DKSH has received the internationally recognized silver rating from the French agency EcoVadis for its commitment to sustainable business practices. The independent assessment rates companies according to 21 sustainability criteria in the four areas: environment, labor and human rights, ethics as well as sustainable procurement. Reaching an overall score of 50 points, DKSH ranks among the top 14 percent of companies in the industry. Stefan P. Butz, CEO of DKSH Group, said: “The silver rating from Ecovadis is a significant recognition, both for us as well as for our clients and customers around the world. Subjecting ourselves to Ecovadis’ independent assessment clearly demonstrates how committed we are to make continuous progress in the area of Sustainability.” Read more

  • Makeover for Children Protection Society premises

    Makeover for Children Protection Society premises

    In January, seven DKSH volunteers in Penang gave an interior makeover to the premises of the Children Protection Society which provides shelter to underprivileged children in need of housing and care. To date, there are 31 children ranging from 5 to 15 years old in its care. We refurbished some of the common rooms with new coats of paint, cleaned the premises and prepared lunch for the children. DKSH Malaysia also donated furniture and electrical items as well as personal items that colleagues had generously donated.

  • DKSH Thailand collection gives amputees a new lease on life

    DKSH Thailand collection gives amputees a new lease on life

    In a new long-term initiative run by DKSH Thailand, and benefitting the Prostheses Foundation of Thailand, a collection of a different kind is underway. Donations by employees, in the form of cans and other one-time-use products made out of recyclable aluminum, provide a core material in the creation more affordable prosthetics. Within the first month, nearly 40 kilograms had been received, a strong start for a campaign in its infancy.

  • Run and contribute

    DKSH Myanmar runs for a good cause

    DKSH Myanmar organized their first-ever charity run in support of a local cancer foundation. The “Run and Contribute” marathon took place in March, in Kyike Ka San stadium and was attended by nearly 300 participants of all ages. All proceeds were donated to the Ministry of Health and Sports to provide resources, promote healthy lifestyles and create awareness for cancer. Rajinder Grover, Vice President, Consumer Goods & Head Country Management, DKSH Myanmar, said: “We are really delighted to contribute to the local community and support those fighting cancer. We also have plans to do these kinds of social activities more often in the future. We thank all participants for running for a good cause.”

  • Growing communities through growing food

    Growing communities through growing food

    What would our city look like it we all started growing food right on our doorsteps? In January 2018, Eats, Shoots & Roots launched a "Sayur in the City" project and established an urban farm to serve as an educational space for YWCA's Vocational Training Opportunity Center as well as to educate urbanites and visitors about local agriculture. In March, 15 DKSH volunteers completed the last link to this green ecosystem with the construction of a composting area to convert organic waste on-site to be used for the urban farm. We were also given a crash course on the various composting theories. YWCA's urban edible garden can now sustain itself financially through its produce.

Our approach to sustainability is to leverage our extensive network to further economic and social progress in the markets where we are present, operating at all times with integrity, trust and reliability.

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