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Doctor and patient

We are dedicated to improving the lives of patients through providing access to high quality healthcare through helping you ensure an end-to-end patient journey. By engaging the right experts, partners and healthcare stakeholders and providing solutions which are viable from both commercial and health outcome standpoints, you get expert support to drive and assess gaps in patient access, affordability and adherence programs.  

We are a proven player in collaborating in innovative partnerships between pharmaceutical companies, public authorities and healthcare providers in both emerging and developed markets, to ensure that patients access and follow through on their treatments.

Female employees in a pharmacy

Our commercial experts have driven sales for both large and small pharmaceutical companies in Asia.

Doctor typing on a laptop

What is happening in the Asian healthcare markets that you should be aware of?

Success stories

  • Flooding in Thailand

    Flooding in Thailand - continue operating at 99%

    DKSH Healthcare Thailand was able to maintain service levels during the severe flooding in Thailand in 2011, helping all our business partners to overcome the crisis.

  • The prescription for pharmaceutical success: distribution, sales and marketing services from DKSH

    DKSH creates value and reduces risk by developing a sub-regional partnership in pharmaceutical distribution.

  • DKSH Vietnam's hands-on approach wins over new client

    DKSH Vietnam started providing distribution services for a multinational renal care company after the company decided to consolidate its distribution in Vietnam with a DKSH which could reliably provide receivables and a GMP distribution environment.

  • DKSH Taiwan wins back key client

    DKSH Taiwan, providing speedy recruitment of qualified staff and other services, won back a key client who is a global leader in consumer health, prescription medicines, and vaccines.

  • Bringing healthy lifestyle products to mainland China

    A famous consumer health brand, founded almost a century ago, is one of Japan’s top ten self-medication companies. In June 2007, a framework cooperation agreement was signed between the company and DKSH China, which established a strategic partnership and paved the way for DKSH to bring healthy lifestyle products to this fast-growing market.

  • Triggering growth for Bristol-Myers Squibb in Malaysia

    Through a strong collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb, DKSH has helped establish and maintain Bristol-Myers Squibb’s product in Malaysia.