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TEC AGR machine

DKSH TEC Vietnam partnered with sugar-cane farmers to introduce high-tech harvesting equipment by understanding and adapting to their needs.

There were four main challenges that DKSH Business Unit Technology, Vietnam had to face. First, in Vietnam, farmers still mainly harvested sugar-cane manually. Second, Vietnamese farming operations is highly fragmented. Third, farmers have small fields (small square plots) and the distance between the rows for mechanization is very minimal. And last but not least, its competition was with a very strong, well-known player, John Deere.

To help overcome these challenges, the DKSH team had to carefully identify farmers’ needs by analyzing labor costs and evaluating the efficiencies between technical and manual harvesting. The team also guided farmers on how to properly organize their fields and how to apply new technologies (land leveler and precision farming), to their operations. The introduction of our harvester allowed the following: a reduction in labor costs, the ability to use less fertilizer, reduced environmental impact, increased capacity and an increase crop yield which increases farmers’ revenues.

After deeply understanding the needs of our target users, the team optimized our value proposition with tailor-made technical services through timing maintenance.

DKSH Business Unit Technology then involved all stakeholders by co-organizing a seminar with potential customers on the topic: “Mechanization of sugar-cane production” where 180 guests attended including farmers, various companies, sugar mills and high-ranking officials of the nearby provinces. The seminar helped people understand more about the benefits of mechanization in the production process of sugarcane, thus developing sugarcane farming in Vietnam and at the same time, DKSH was able to win new orders.

As a result, in 2015, DKSH was able to distribute five two-row-sugarcane A8000 Harvesters. Furthermore, this sales was the initial starting point for future opportunities to sell even more sugarcane harvester machines, along with after-sales services.