Frequently Asked Questions


As our “old” vision of being the leading Market Expansion Services provider in Asia was largely achieved, it was time to redefine our DKSH Identity and values for the company we are today.

Our new Identity better presents our ambition for future growth and explains our purpose and the value we bring to stakeholders in a clear and crisp way.

  • We introduced a purpose to help us communicate our reason for being
  • We revamped our vision to better define the business partner we want to be
  • Our strategy basically remained the same but was complemented by additional information on how we want to achieve our long-term goals
  • We revisited the values to better express the standards we adhere to and to guide our decisions and culture ensuring our future success
  • We updated our promise to more clearly articulate the value that we deliver to all our partners

Yes, the updated promise is reflected in our new tagline “Delivering Growth – in Asia and Beyond.” We no longer use our old tagline “Think Asia. Think DKSH.”

We have updated all Office templates to include the new tagline. You can find them in the Group Marketing Toolbox.

A first proposal was put together based on interviews with a large number of leaders across BUs, Functions and regions as well as a review of existing models and materials.

A second proposal was developed through workshops and meetings with the CEO and put to the Annual Managers Meeting (AMM) and Executive Committee for feedback.

An external agency then validated and refined the proposal and the Identity was signed off by the DKSH Board of Directors in December 2019.

Implementing our DKSH Identity is an ongoing journey. The revised Identity and values were first launched from February to April 2020. After being unfortunately interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the journey was resumed in 2021 also adding how we translate the DKSH Identity and values into our culture and day-to-day behaviors.

While Asia is our largest area of operation, “and beyond” reflects all the other markets important to us that we are also operating in.

You can find the latest material in the Group Marketing Toolbox on the Marketing Hub If you have any questions, contact your local Marketing and Communications Expert or get in touch with

You can always find the latest material in the Group Marketing Toolbox on the Marketing Hub. If you have questions, contact your local Marketing and Communications Expert or get in touch with


Culture is a combination of what we do and what we say. In other words, it is the day-to-day behaviors of working at DKSH, and how we bring our values to life.

One way to consider culture is, if a researcher were observing us, what would they see? What would be the combination of characteristics that are present at DKSH that makes us different from other organizations?

As we have seen – the COVID-19 pandemic is a notable example – the world is changing at an ever-faster pace. There are new challenges and opportunities, new generations of workers, new ways of working, and new expectations – from our employees, our clients and our customers. To thrive in such a world, a common guiding culture based on trust, collaboration, learning, feedback, connectedness, and high performance will help us succeed.

Companies with a strong culture find it easier to attract and retain employees and employees find more satisfaction in their jobs. Strong culture leads to better business results, financially and in other ways. Strengthening company culture benefits employees, clients, customers, and the company itself.

Our culture involves three elements: our purpose, our values and our People DNA.

The eight leadership principles played an important role in the mid-2010s to help shape DKSH culture at that time. It is important that our culture continues to evolve to meet the challenges, circumstances, and opportunities we face today and in the future. We have therefore retired the leadership principles although the popular, practical tools such as “learning zone” and “response-ability” continue to be part of the Fantree Academy leadership curriculum.

Culture is a movement, something that comes from a committed group of passionate individuals. It is a journey that takes years and is a process of continuous improvement.

We are resuming the journey to cascade our DKSH culture across the company. We are using a two-part approach to the culture journey:

  • DKSH Day: each market is holding a “big splash” event where you will learn about the culture, recognize people who are living the culture and celebrate what makes us great
  • Culture conversations: each people manager is also holding a “go deep” meeting with their direct reports to talk about what the culture means in the context of their team

Ultimately, you have the most important role to play in this culture cascade. Each of us contributes to the culture in the choices we make every day, the mindset we have, the words we speak, and the actions we take.