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SourcingAccessing a global sourcing network

DKSH sourcing services

We offer you:

  • Deep industry expertise to source and secure innovative performance enhancing ingredients and chemicals
  • A cost-effective, quality and dependable supply
  • Full compliance with safety and environmental regulations

We offer

  • A team of dedicated sourcing specialists who share their knowledge of latest developments and technologies with you
  • The ability to maintain unrivalled reach and stability of supply as the only major provider to operate in all key economic zones
  • Compliance with safety and environmental regulations and an unmatched understanding of the local regulatory challenges in the markets we serve

Your benefits

  • You gain access to a powerful global sourcing network
  • You obtain the perfect combination of quality and dependable supply at the best price
  • You receive state-of-the-art tracking and delivery management technology

Success stories

Success stories

  • Creating a unique platform to introduce a taste of Japan to Thailand

    Platform to introduce Japanese food ingredients in Thailand

    DKSH hosted a private one-off mini trade show to showcase Japanese food ingredients and innovative food technologies in Thailand.

  • Our turnkey solutions help the repair process of compressor blades in aircraft engines

    Aircraft maintenance service company gets production boost in Singapore

    DKSH’s computer numerical control (CNC) turnkey solutions helped a leading aircraft maintenance service company in Singapore to improve their production capabilities.

  • World class waste recovery plant helps manufacturer save costs

    World class waste recovery plant helps manufacturer save costs

    A Singapore-based manufacturer in the semiconductor industry tapped into the innovative solutions we offer to help reduce waste, improve efficiency and remain competitive. The measures also boosted their profile as an eco-friendly organization.

  • Skippy products

    SKIPPY® and Family Mart collaborate for a tasty partnership

    SKIPPY® peanut butter and Family Mart come together in Taiwan for a ground-breaking sales performance.

  • Faster and better coffee with Eversys

    With China’s beverage market expanding swiftly, Eversys’ innovative espresso machines have proven to effectively help food and beverage businesses meet this growing demand while reducing operational costs and enhancing quality control.