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Marketing and salesOpening up new revenue opportunities

DKSH marketing and sales services

We offer you:

  • A complete array of marketing and sales services for your products, including e-commerce marketing
  • Access to all relevant channels to market, customers and outlets across Asia Pacific and Europe

We offer

  • Local impact through a local sales network in Asia unmatched in depth and scope
  • Unequalled cultural insight to customize marketing and sales activities to meet local needs
  • Surveys to determine relevant outlets, visiting frequency, and routings for various brands and stock-keeping units (SKUs)
  • Skilled and experienced staff with many years of brand-building experience in all consumer goods and many healthcare categories
  • Key account staff, category management staff, and merchandisers to handle key accounts
  • A sales and marketing team of more than 4,200 experts across Asian markets
  • Food service teams, gas station teams, medical teams and other channel-specific teams
  • Cash vans, concessionaire systems, and wholesaler networks to handle the smallest outlets

Your benefits

  • We enable our clients to reduce headcount, reduce or eliminate stock and debtors risk
  • We ensure availability and visibility in all relevant outlets at costs that reflect the benefits from very large economies of scale
  • We enable our suppliers to improve service levels to their customers through improved coverage and higher call frequency which we can offer through our economies of scale
  • We provide sales information by customer and stock-keeping units (SKUs) even for sales to small outlets
  • Access to state-of-the-art IT tools, such as EchoPlus, our own proprietary electronic customer relationship and sales management tool

Success stories

Success stories

  • Sammic cooks up a storm with new sous-vide equipment in Taiwan

    Sammic cooks up a storm with new sous-vide equipment in Taiwan

    It is never easy for a new brand or a new technology to penetrate the food industry, particularly one that is heavy on tradition and culture. But Sammic, together with DKSH’s support, managed to successfully launch their new sous-vide equipment in Taiwan.

  • Hiruscar doubles online sales with DKSH marketing campaign

    Hiruscar doubles online sales with DKSH marketing campaign

    By working with DKSH, Hiruscar successfully activated its online sales channels and tested the effectiveness of different e-commerce platforms for its range of products.

  • Frito Lay

    DKSH Singapore: turning salty snacks into sweet success

    Frito Lay appointed DKSH in mid-1993 to introduce and establish Frito Lay’s presence and products in the Singapore market.

  • Telsmith helps Thai construction companies crush the competition

    Telsmith helps Thai construction companies meet growing demand

    With Thailand undertaking several mega infrastructure projects, construction-related businesses are looking to enhance their capabilities and improve their efficiencies to meet the country’s growing demands. DKSH is supporting this by providing a full range of services to build bridges between equipment providers and construction companies.

  • Innovative coconut milk bottle gets thumbs up in Thailand

    Innovative coconut milk bottle gets thumbs up in Thailand

    Ground-breaking Thai company gets help from DKSH to promote and market the world's first coconut milk bottling innovation.