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Distribution and logisticsDelivering what you need, when you need it, where you need it

DKSH distribution and logistics services

We offer you:

  • An unmatched logistics infrastructure and distribution centers to transport, store and distribute your products across Asia
  • Many additional specialized services including: product registration, regulatory support, customs handling, importation, logistics, repackaging, invoicing, cash collection, supply chain management and e-fulfillment
  • A global SAP platform, one of the largest in Asia, which you can align your IT system with to receive valuable direct data, such as outlet level transactions, for informed decision-making

We offer

  • The largest and most comprehensive logistics infrastructure in Asia
  • 160 distribution centers which distribute consumer goods products, representing more than 1,900 suppliers and 1,600 clients, delivering to more than 500,000 customers
  • Our own warehousing and third-party logistics services
  • 40 state-of-the-art healthcare distribution centers

Your benefits

  • Our existing distribution network allows us to roll out any product within 30 days
  • You receive a comprehensive and complete scope of services and infrastructure, which gives you a real competitive advantage
  • You have access to cost-effective and efficient distribution and logistics services across Asia

Success stories

Success stories

  • Leading consumer goods company gets logistics systems boost

    Leading consumer goods company gets logistics systems boost

    From local to global. Leading consumer goods company in Hong Kong shift from local logistics firm to DKSH to help enhance its logistics systems.

  • DKSH reaches 40,000 customers mark in Myanmar

    DKSH reaches 40,000 customers mark in Myanmar

    DKSH Myanmar Business Unit Consumer Goods achieved a significant milestone when it hit the 40,000 customers mark.

  • Innovative coconut milk bottle gets thumbs up in Thailand

    Innovative coconut milk bottle gets thumbs up in Thailand

    Ground-breaking Thai company gets help from DKSH to promote and market the world's first coconut milk bottling innovation.

  • Topping the competition with improved visibility

    In the face of tough competition in New Zealand, Lindt & Sprungli decided it needed to focus on delivering better product visibility, improving distribution and developing more effective promotional campaigns. We supported them to do this.

  • DKSH keeps Perfetti Van Melle innovative in New Zealand

    Who would ever think of having a soft chewy caramel filled with chocolate from Mentos? DKSH helped Perfetti Van Melle deliver that in New Zealand, surprising many with the irresistable outcome.